Training & Education

Wilson & Wayne provides a host of onsite management training solutions. Our management training programs are customized, current and skills based.

First, our customized management training program encourages you and your colleagues to select a specific management training agenda to meet the needs of your management team. In addition you can design a unique management training course for different levels of experience within your organization.  At Wilson & Wayne we grow your company’s skills via complementary customization, and that’s the start of how we work with you on growing your performance.

Second, the management training modules within your customized training course are drawn from current reference materials. Members of our team are always reviewing and updating our learning content & methodologies to ensure that all of our training materials are well aligned with the needs of the evolving corporate world.

Third, our training materials are skills-driven. This means the training courses are made up of a combination of skill drills and practice sessions. These skill building drills provide participants with instruction, practice and feedback so they learn what to do and what not to do in a safe environment. From communicating and listening to delegating and prioritizing, your participants can immediately use these refined skills upon return to the office. Depending on the training sessions selected, your staff will grow skills in communications, delegations, problem-solving, prioritization, coaching, leadership and more.

In summary, we are committed to offering you educational training programs that are customized, current and skills-driven. If you interested in learning more, let’s talk about which training solution is best for your team’s needs.

Our training programs include:

  • Management Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Negotiations Training
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